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Congratulations to Leprechaun! We have a new 44 stone record for Raptor, thanks to Leprechan! Well done, Lep.

I've set a new record for Allosaurus! I managed to take down a 6384 stone Allosaurus, breaking the old record set in 2018.

Glad you made it here, Ryker. I hope to see you in guild soon.
Clearly, there was a good deal of hunting going on in February. Despite the effort, no new records were set.

White Council Public Forum / Re: Join the guild
February 25, 2021, 10:53:19 am
Hello Shai, welcome to our forums. Here is a good place to start.
Welcome to our forums and Siege! What does your playtime schedule look like?
White Council Public Forum / Re: Loop: Looking to join
February 06, 2021, 12:51:54 am
Welcome to our forums. An evening crew treasure hunter, huh? I'll bet you'll get along well with Sara Dale, Gramps, and maybe Mayday.
Though plenty of hunting took place in January, none of the hunters were successful at breaking old records. Better luck next month!

Congratulations to Starcon! Starcon has bagged a 4800 stone Platinum Drake, a new record!

Gifts are available in Jhelom, and the festival elf is collecting BODs in Britain. With the completion of the Britain tree, Siege will have completed its full set of 9 Festival Trees! Remember to get your BODs turned in to the elf in Britain.
You can pick up gifts in Minoc, and the festival elf is collecting BODs in Jhelom. The Jhelom tree should be completed, so get your BODs on there as soon as you can.
Gifts are available in Moonglow, and the festival elf is collecting BODs in Minoc. The Minoc tree will be completed, so get your BODs on there!
The Magincia tree has been completed and gifts are available there now!

The festival elf in Moonglow is accepting BODs and that tree will be completed, so get your BODs turned in to Moonglow.
Awesome, Reuggan!
Artisan Festival 2020 has been going well on Siege. We are confident that 7 of the 9 Festival trees will be completed, and we are working hard to complete the last two.

Any and all filled, large BODs the Siege community can put into the Minoc & Jhelom trees will be great help.