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White Council Public Forum / Lost soulstones.
October 09, 2019, 02:27:38 am
Skeletor is looking for his soulstones.
A little over an hour from now.

In the War room in Serpent's Hold. N/W side of the city.
I´ve lost count of how many confirmed cheaters there are in Hi-5 (Zora, Crunch, Merkd) but here´s one more: Frawg-.

And here´s an older one just for fun:

With a guildmaster and several guildmembers that openly cheat it´s safe to assume there´s plenty more of sucky PvPers in that guild using illegal programs...
Looking for a pair of ninja mitts and a kasa.

Name your price or item(s) that you need.

Post here, PM me, yell for Leawyn II ingame or ICQ me on 329-570-049.
... that claims he doesn´t use illegal features. Deja vú anyone?
Not that I think he´ll stick around on Siege but I wanted to share this anyway.
White Council Public Forum / Buying Armor set parts.
February 14, 2017, 11:34:30 pm

Looking to buy the following parts:

Acolyte Armor Set:

Greymist Armor (Chest)
Greymist Armor (Leggings)

Hunter's Garb Armor Set:

Hunter's Garb (Arms)

Marksman Item Set:

Feathernock (Quiver)

Monstrous Interred Grizzle Armor Set:

Skull Helm Of The Grizzle

Paladin Armor Set:

Plate Of Honor (Helm)
Plate Of Honor (Leggings)

Paying 1 mil per item. Except for the quiver, I´ll pay 2 Mil for that.
If you have any for sale, post here, PM me or ICQ me on 329-570-049.
Also, if anyone has that blessed whatever-is-was suit for sale, let me know.

Apparantly there is an issue where mounted pets go wild if you give the "All Follow" command to another pet of yours.
Click link for more details and updates.
White Council Public Forum / About housing (from UHall).
September 19, 2016, 09:40:27 pm

"Good morning everyone,

As I am sure  you have noticed you are unable to purchase Game Time Codes on the Origin Store.   I still do not have an ETA on the time or date it will be fixed, so as of today we are going to be turning off Housing Warehouse.  Understand that by turning off the Housing Warehouse  this also means no houses can be placed until we turn it back on.  We will not turn back on the Housing Warehouse until 1 week after the Origin Store begins selling the codes again.  Turning off the Housing Warehouse does not mean it will save a house if the house is in the IDOC state.

As soon as I have any more information I will pass it along to keep everyone up to date.

Don´t forget to click on the crystal outside of the Brit EM Hall, north of the Britain moongate, to get your EM Bennu sash.
Do it ASAP as we don´t know how long it will stay up.
White Council Public Forum / Public Harrower.
December 11, 2015, 12:43:43 am
Saturday 19th there will be a public Harrower at 4pm EST.

Come fight the monster, raid the event, defend against PKs, hug Garfield, steal the scrolls or just watch as a ghost.

Meet at Skara bank.
Everyone is welcome!
White Council Public Forum / Threats of Tokuno.
November 29, 2015, 01:01:01 am

This Tuesday I will lead our forces into the lands of Tokuno. The mission will be to seek out the vile dragon snake monster known as Serado.

I will make two runs, one for the Europe time players and one for the US time players.
Meet at Skara Brae bank at 2pm EST and/or 8pm EST.

Come get your own futon or other nice artifacts.


Tuesday, March 10 at 9pm EST - Virtue Mission

Monday, March 16 at 9pm EST - Ghost Race

Friday, March 20 at 8pm EST - Escort

Sunday, March 22 at 3pm EST - Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 24 at 8am (morning!) EST - Breakfast with Exodus

Sunday, March 29 at 3pm EST - VvV Battle