My Humble Request to Join [GIL]

Started by Tail, July 30, 2020, 07:11:00 pm

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Hello, I am Tail, aka (Blah) (Name Change Coming Soon). I am requesting to join your guild on Siege. I have spoken with Morgan Ironfist, and he suggested I come on here and post my request.

I have been PvPing on Ultima Online now for nearly 24 years and I am known as a Pk Killer. I only kill Player killers. I look forward to meeting and talking to each of you.

I want to PvP and would like to find an in-game way to make gold/items instead of spending irl $$. The biggest goal is to have fun with a good group of people and I am told thats why I should meet all of you.

Thanks for your Consideration: Tail


Welcome to our forum, I'm glad you made it here. Check your "My Messages" at the top of the page.


I checked My Messages but didn't see anything. Nice to meet you.


Heh! You're too fast, I was still writing it. Try again, please.



Hi Tail, welcome !

Good to see you !

ii & Sabin


Welcome to the forums, I will send you a pm soon.