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Started by CharGar, May 07, 2020, 11:40:41 pm

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Started this for her to make a post.

Mystic Dee

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Ok I hope this is right lol,

My Name in game is Mystic Dee. Originally I was  a tamer. But I switched to archer because I need to play ! And as we all know working a tamer is long & tedious. Maybe after I play some and make gold etc hehehe !
I am retired, I have 4 grandkids and one on the way. I love to play UO I first started back in 99' then played for yrs , quit for yrs and now I am back again I guess for yrs lol. Lets see that is about it. See i can take a trip and never leave the farm !
      Sincerely Denise Aka Mystic Dee

P.S. I play off & on at weird hours when I can. Not a lot  of time. Sometimes, like now it is mid afternoon, sometimes it is like 2am lol it is just when i can sneak away. Real Life has me kinda busy. Ermm I was gone like 13yrs so kinda rusty but hopefully in time Dee can get her groove back hehehe


Welcome to the forums Mystic!!


Hello, Dee. Welcome to our forums. What times do you get to play?

Sara Dale

Welcome to our forums.  I hope to see you around.   :)

ii & Sabin

Hail and well met!


Hail and welcome to the forum.


Welcome to Gilfane.


Welcome to the forums Mystic, I will send you a pm

Branwyn of Errol

Greetings and welcome to the forum.


Thanks guys for your warm reception and positive comments the first time i got acquainted with the Gilfane guild was when i was asked to attend an Seige auction at a Gilfane home where the auctions were held and many other guilds were cordially invited to bit on various items; at the time i was and still am with UWSP guild as an observer which was about a year ago or so; yet from those various auctions i have learned to admire and respect a few of the major players in Gilfane; once again it was a pleasure writing to you i hope to have many more conversations with you all and perhaps have the pleasure of meeting some of you in the game as well; have a blessed and awesome day.....*smiles*